Friday, February 5, 2016

Storage Rack For Acrylic Paints

 Organize Your Artists' Paints 
With An Easy-to-Build Storage Rack

I have a quick and easy storage project to share with you today. It'll get your paints up where you can see all of your colors at a glance, 
takes up less than eight square feet of wall space, 
and is cheap-cheap-cheap. 
I found this idea on Buzzfeed (52 Meticulous Organizing Tips To Rein In The Chaos).
When I retired five years ago my sewing room also became a crafting space, art studio, and library.  At 9'x 11', it didn't take long for it to fill up beyond the point where I could work in my little sanctuary without starting a rearranging project. 
And we all know how that ends. It doesn't. 

So-o-o-o, time to make a change.  

When I first got back into my art, I coralled all my paints in clear plastic shoe boxes, according to color. I have to tell you, I was pretty darn proud of myself, but now I needed to figure out how to free up some shelf space for my books and supplies. I was so excited to stumble across this guy's easy storage solution that I went straight downstairs, dumped my paints out, and counted 68 tubes of paint. I'm not gonna lie to you, I couldn't believe I had accumulated that much. 

So here's how to whip one of these organizers up:

Get a piece of 3/4" plywood from the scrap pile.
The one I found is 19"W x 40"H, just right to fit behind the door.
Tape Measure
Drill and a small bit
Nails - I used 72 - 1 1/4" shingle nails. The large heads on the 
shingle nails keep the binder clips from flying off when 
I'm grabbing a tube of paint.
 72 - 1 1/4" Binder clips 
A clothes pin (good tip here)
 Two Heavy duty D-ring picture hangers
Two Monkey Hooks (these things are amazing)

The plywood piece had originally been used as a cutting fence for a table saw, so there were a few slices and drill holes to fill and sand. I did this after all the nails were in. 
(One of my not-so-smart moments).
After measuring the length and width of the paint tubes, 
I spaced and marked my pencil lines accordingly.
I marked for nail placement and pre-drilled all the holes 
at a slight angle, using a very tiny drill bit and the low speed setting.
 Turns out I had room for seventy-two nails.
Hmmm. 72 - 68 =  I get to buy more tubes of paint. :)

Now here's where the clothes pin comes in very handy.
Insert the nail into the pre-drilled hole you just made.
The clothes pin will be the finger you will hit with 
the hammer. Instead of your own.

It will also ensure that all your nails are pounded in at exactly the same depth. The clothes pin is your template.
Holding the clothes pin around the nail, hammer
until you see the nail head touch the clothes pin.
Now do that seventy-one more times.

Attach a heavy duty picture hanger on each end of your board.

Paint in the color of your choice and you are finished.

Insert the Monkey Hooks wherever you want to hang the paint rack.
The beauty of these? 
 You do not need to hit any studs, in fact
you want to avoid them.  
They can handle a fair amount of weight.
They take mere seconds to install.

Insert the tip of each hook into the wall. This takes a bit of wiggling.
 Push the hook until it sits like so
and hang the paint rack up.
 The high profile hook(top) holds 35-50 lbs, 
and the lower profile one holds 10-15 lbs. 

Brew a cup of coffee, go get all your tubes of paint, 
attach the binder clips to them, 
and hang them up in assorted organized ways until you're happy.

How much fun was that?
Have a great day!



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  2. Great project! I 'love' how you used monkey hooks and picture frame loops to hold it to the wall. My walls have steel studs (Gulf of Mexico hurricane country) so it's almost impossible to hang heavier items that need support of a wall stud (takes a powerful drill, the right drill bit, and lots more patience than I have available to do it). I now use monkey hooks for heavier items and 3M Art/Picture flat velcro wall hangers for lighter items. I need a rack like this one for my acrylics and, with your wonderful tut, I will have one soon. You have several tuts on your blog that I plan to use for organizing my home (and tailor some of my clothes too). Thank you for sharing your projects and tutorials.

  3. Hi Gloria, thanks for your kind words! I'm so glad you've found some useful information on my blog!

  4. Love this idea for my she-shed/art studio so much that I'm making it right now! Just popped in to check the tutorial to make sure I'm doing it right! I used some scrap boards for mine and gave them a rustic whitewash. Just got them fastened together and now I'm putting the nails in. Soon to be finished! Thanks for this perfect solution!


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