Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bathroom Wall Storage

Bathroom Wall Storage from Ana White's Book, "The Hand-built Home"

When we built our house eleven years ago we went with what was called a Leisure Home plan.  We used to just call them "Cottages".  We really liked it because of all the windows, among other features.  We left the bathrooms small, so we're creating wall storage.  There's lots to do, but these little units from Ana White's book "The Handbuilt Home" are a good start.

This plan was perfect.  The wall shelf dimensions fit exactly above the towel rack.
 And it only cost $45 to build.
(Not too many pictures here; pre-blogging days)

See that little overhang at the top and bottom? The top, sides and bottom are all cut from 1x10's, but I soon found out not all boards marked 1x10" are the same width.  Since I had already got this far I didn't want to start messing around with trying to take it apart or trim the extra width off with the circular saw.  So I just worked around it with the trim and I think it turned out okay.

Just deciding the shelf placement here. Drilling the shelf pin holes without a jig took forever!  
The trickiest part was making sure everything lined up exactly, so that the shelves wouldn't be wonky. I bought the Kreg Shelf Pin Jig for my next project, and had them done in minutes.

Here it is, all finished!  All the little jars used to hold candles, and the paint is one of many cans that have collected in the garage for a long time (CIL Smart3 Trim and Door paint). All white, too, which means lots of white-painted projects coming up!  A good choice when you're a beginner-builder.  White paint hides a multitude of flaws! 

This is the one I built for the downstairs bath. 
Since it's an even smaller room, I used narrower boards (1"x 6").  I've made one for my kids, too.
That will be coming up in a later post, with lots more pictures of the process.

Have a great day!

And Happy Building,



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