Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yoga Pants Fix

Hey Everybody!

Do you love your yoga pants as much as I do mine? I have several pairs that I bought from Costco. I wear them around the house a lot. They are just so comfortable. But once in awhile when I buy a pair the fit at the waist isn't quite right, or maybe it's just that the fabric is a bit too stretchy. But they slip. Not a lot. 

Just enough to drive me nuts be slightly annoying.
But I have a fix for that.

My yoga pants are next in the lineup of alteration to-do's that I keep 
on my tension rod organizer in my sewing room. 
It is my latest system for trying to keep my sewing jobs in order.
And it's working. Now that makes me happy.

To do this you will need a sewing machine, 1 1/4" wide elastic, 
thread, scissors, straight pins, and a safety pin.

Cut your elastic the same length as the waist plus one inch for overlap. 
Put the safety pin through the end of the elastic.

Create a casing for the elastic by zig zagging around the waistband of your pants according to the width of the elastic plus a quarter inch. My elastic is 1 1/4" wide,
so I will make the casing 1 1/2" in width.

Cut a 3/4" slit on the inside of the waistband, at the back.
Run the elastic through the casing you made.

Once the elastic is all the way through, safety-pin the ends together. 
Check to make sure the elastic is not twisted inside the waistband.

Stitch back and forth a few times to join the ends of the elastic.

Ease the elastic around inside the waistband to distribute it evenly.
Make a few stitches through all thicknesses at each at each side of the 
waist to keep the elastic from curling. Stitch the opening closed and 
you are finished!

You can't even tell you made an alteration...except that now your pants stay put.



Now don't they feel better?

Have a great day, and Happy Sewing!


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