Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shoebox Labels

Organize Your Craft Room Inexpensively With Clear Shoeboxes

Hi There Everybody!

Woohoo, the sun is out! That's a big deal if any of you have 
been experiencing one of the gloomiest winters ever, as we have up here in 
Central Alberta. Right now though, we are in our second week of brilliant sunshine 
and my little girlies couldn't be happier! Check out their snowball feet.

I am still on a mission to get my sewing/craft/art room in order. I decided to 
dedicate the major portion of my bookshelf to corral my smaller supplies into 
one corner of the room.This unit was about to be scrapped by a furniture 
company my eldest son used to work for, and knowing my love of recycling and repurposing, he brought it straight home. It's four feet wide and seven feet tall! 
Yay! This is the same shelf that helps to support my tension rod organizer.

To get started I used these clear shoeboxes that I 
bought at Home Depot for sixty-nine cents each. 

All I needed was some cardboard, a Sharpie marker, a utility knife, 
and a ruler or yardstick. 

This big chisel edge Sharpie is what I used to make the letters. It's fantastic.

I traced the end of the shoebox onto a piece of paper, adjusted it to fit inside
and made a template from cardboard. I traced several and cut them out using 
the ruler and knife. I wanted to be able to spot the labels from across the room, 
so they had to be large. 

I lined the labels up end-to-end and used my yardstick to draw two lines down the center.

I then labelled them according to their contents, 

popped them into the ends of the boxes, and filled them up!

 This section used eighteen shoeboxes. Total Cost:  $12.42! 
And now when I open the door I see everything at a glance. Love it!

Hope your day has some sunshine in it, and Happy Organizing!


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  1. This is my project for today--well, after I get of the computer. I really need to reorganize and get rid of a lot of supplies I just never used. I hope it doesn't take all day, but somehow I think it will.

    I like you shoebox idea. I think I have a few floating around that I can use. Thanks for the inspiration!


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