Friday, February 14, 2014

Heart Shaped Trinket Box

From a Chocolate Box to a Jewellery Box

Mr. M. brought this box of chocolates 
home the day before Valentine's day. 
It has little compartments inside. I thought if I dressed it up
it might make a pretty box to keep some jewellery in. 

I think he knew I'd want to do that, so this post is really his idea.

So I grabbed my paints, brush, gesso, gloss medium (or Mod Podge),
handmade paper from my Valentine's Collage Art, pen, and scissors.

First I ate All the chocolates. Okay, I shared some with Mr. M.
But only a couple : )

I brushed a coat of gesso on the surface and followed it with a base coat 
of chocolate brown. (Metallic and iridescent colors appear more
  brilliant over a dark background). 

While the paint was drying, I traced a heart from the bottom of the box and cut it out.
If you don't have collage papers you could brush on some metallic paint instead.

I spread a coat of gloss medium on the back of the paper. 

 Centered it on the lid and pressed out the air bubbles.

Here's something fun to do with paint. Drip or paint shapes onto a white plastic 
garbage bag and let it dry overnight. The next day the paint will peel right off the 
plastic, and you'll have some embellishments for your crafts.

I arranged the dots along one side of the heart.

Then spread the gloss medium on and set them into it. 

Using serging machine tweezers makes it easier. Once the embellishments
were on, I gently brushed the excess medium from around them and
coated the entire top with it and let it dry.  

I gessoed and painted the sides of the box bottom. 

And the rim under the lid.

And I now have a box to keep my rings and favorite earrings in.

I kind of like it!

I hope all of you are saving your chocolate boxes!
Have a great day, and Happy Crafting!


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  1. Hi Miss Valerie, I finally had a chance to take a peak at your blog & OMG you are a real Artsy lady, beautiful things! you go girl!!!!!

    1. Hi Joan,

      Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! You made my day!



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