Thursday, February 6, 2014

Under Sink Re-Organizing

Quick and Cheap Organizing For Under The Sink

Hi Everyone!

I saw a post on Hometalk about a week ago, and was immediately inspired and 
motivated to follow this lady's lead. She covered the area under her kitchen 
sink with vinyl wallpaper and re-organized it. Wallpaper and I are not friends, so I opted to use stick-on tiles instead. The next time we were in Edmonton we went straight to the Home Depot and bought a package of commercial grade tiles ($35). I wanted to have enough for under the kitchen sink and the two bathroom vanities. 

I actually cleaned and tidied up before the before picture, which makes no 
sense at all, but you can see that reaching back into the cupboard would 
be the same thing as asking to bump my head on any number of obstacles.

The first thing I did was square up and pencil the center line in the 
cupboard and use masking tape to mark the line on the tile.

Centered the tile on the line and stuck it there. 
Once I had this one lined up, the rest were easier to place.

Until I got to this weird corner.

I used the peeled backing to create templates for all of the odd corners. 
I laid each template where it would be placed and ran my fingernail along 
the paper where it met the wall. 

Appropriately labelled it, spelled the word "weird" wrong, and trimmed the excess.

Held my pattern on with masking tape and cut it out.
I used my utility knife and mat to make all the cuts.

The end result? I love it!

 It looks better, the baskets slide out easier, and because of that
and I can just pull them out without bonking my head. 

I now have room for an extra basket for cleaning rags and garbage bags.
This project took seven tiles to complete and only cost $8.40. 
The baskets I already had on hand.

And the box that was in there? It will be made into a crate, of course!

Have a good day, and Happy Organizing!


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