Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Build A Cedar Planter

Hi Everyone,

 I love Ana White's building site!  She has so many inspirational ideas!  If you've never built anything before, or even if you are an experienced builder it's definitely worth
a look! I really liked the look of her plan for this cedar planter. So off I went to see
if I could find something in my scrap pile behind the garage.  

I found some rough cedar boards leaning up against a wall in our storage shed.
Leftovers from a bundle we bought to make bird houses.   
And from the scrap pile, some 2x2's and 1x3's. 

The 1x3's are from an old box spring frame that I took apart about five years ago,
and the 2x2's are leftovers from when we built our deck.
 This is how they looked before sanding.

I sanded the boards down with one of my favorite tools,
the Ryobi Corner Cat sander, using 80 grit paper.

I'm really happy with how they turned out!


Here's the stain I used, MINWAX Early American. For the smooth boards
I used a rag to apply the finish. For the rough cedar I used a brush,
and wiped the excess stain off with the rag.

I used Varathane Diamond Finish clear coat in Satin on the 1x3's and 2x2's
to protect them from the elements, since they're not intended for outdoors.

This is the planter before staining,

and after.

So for a cost of less than $20 we have a new patio planter!

Have a great day
and Happy Building!


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