Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shipping Crate Turned Patio Planter

Shipping Crate To Patio Planter
Mr. M. sometimes surprises me with gifts from his job as a contractor, 
like this shipping crate he brought home one day. 

This crate has been on our patio for a few years now. We've been storing 
garden tools in it, and Jack loves to sit on it and bask in the sunshine. 

This is how it looks now.

And this is Jack.
He looks grouchy but he's a big cuddly baby.

  I rolled on two coats of exterior trim and door paint, 
let it dry for 24 hours and set my plant pots in it.
Easy as that.

I put scrap 2x2's inside to raise the plant pots up a bit..

It only took about half an hour to paint.

I love how it brightens up our patio.
Have a great day!


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