Monday, August 26, 2013

Build A Mini Coffee Table

Hi Everyone,

I have a fun project to show you, one of those builds where I just sort of winged it.  My hubby and I love to sit on the porch swing with our two little dogs at the end of the day. It's  a great way to unwind! We needed a table near the swing to set our coffee on, and it had to be small because we don't have a lot of space on the patio.  It didn't cost a penny to build, and it's just the right size!

The one we were using up to now is quite lovely, don't you think? It's a deck chair from the 70's. We put a piece of plywood across the seat springs and called it a table.  I have two of them, and they're waiting for new cushions. That will be in a later post. 

There's our coffee on the "table".

Here's the lumber pile behind our garage, where I dig up lots of scraps for my 
projects. It's a valuable resource for me.  This pile of wood has been sitting 
here for nine years! The measurements for the table were based on what I 
could find in here. The legs are 2x2 balusters from when 
we built our deck, the side aprons were cut from a 1x6 board, leftover from the 
back porch, and the table top is made up of 5/4 deck boards, 
also leftovers from the deck.

Here's how I did it.
After cutting the pieces for the legs and aprons I drilled pocket holes 
with my Kreg jig, then attached the side aprons to the legs.

Here's the pocket hole placement in the aprons for attaching the table top later. 
 I used 3/4" pocket holes and 1 1/4" screws to assemble the entire project.

 I put the table top boards together using the Kreg Jig.
Then I turned it upside down to center and fasten it to the aprons.
I cut the top boards to fit the frame.

Here's where I put the pocket holes to fasten the top boards together. 

Even though these boards are very old and not in the best condition
they lined up pretty straight with the pocket hole construction.

To sand the roughness off I used 80 grit paper, followed that with 120 grit 
and rounded the edges a little.

I applied two coats of Minwax stain in Early American.

Then two coats of Varathane Diamond Coat in satin to protect the finish.
Not bad for a bunch of sticks from the scrap pile!

Here it is in front of our porch swing.
Finished dimensions are 26" L x 16 1/2" W x 16" H
Just enough room for two cups of coffee and two sets of feet!
We love it!  

See you later, we're going for coffee!

Happy Building,


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