Friday, August 23, 2013

Sew-in Pockets For Basket Liners

Basket Liner Pockets:
Getting Organized a Little at a Time
We will be doing a few renovations on our bedroom closet in the near future.
But right now there's a little job I have to do in there before it drives me crazy.
My get-ready-for-the-day basket is a mess . Grrrr
For some reason today is the day I decided enough was enough. 
I'm going to sew some little pockets around the inside so it's easier to sort through.
Time to get organized!
Here's how the basket looked before the pockets:

And here is how it looks now:

This is how I did it:
I dumped all my stuff out, then draped a scrap piece of cotton over the basket 
edge. The scrap I used was about three times as long as the side where I 
was putting the pockets. The pins mark where the top edge of the pockets will be.  

Then I cut an inch above the pins for hemming.  
 I didn't actually draw a line, just eyeballed it.

I folded the edge over 1/2", ironed it, then folded it over another 1/2" and ironed it again.
 Put pins along the folded edge,

 Then stitched it. 
I didn't hem the opposite side since it already had a serged edge, 
and it'll be inside where no one will see it anyway.

Next I set my things on the liner, one at a time, then draped the fabric strip around each one, leaving a little extra room for ease.
I pinned in between each item, through both layers of fabric.
The pins show where my stitch lines will be.

 When I finished pinning the last row, there was a bit of fabric left on the end. 
I carefully removed the liner, and pencil-marked a line about
an inch away from the last row of pins. 

Cut along the line,

then turned the raw edge under 1/2" and pinned it.
(I know, lots of pinning, but it'll make it so much easier when it's time to do the stitching)

Here's how it looks, all ready to sew:

This is the edge, next to the corner seam of the liner:

Stitch along each row of pins, removing them as you sew.


Here's how it looks after all the stitching is finished.
I made pockets on two opposite sides.  

Now to fill it up with all my stuff! 
My get-ready-for-the-day basket went from being
a total mess

 To this.
No more digging around in the morning!


I even had some extra room for my make-up bag.
At least a small part of the day will be organized.
With just a fabric scrap!

If you try this project or have any questions,
I'd love to hear from you.

Have a great day!
Happy Sewing,




  1. I love this quick fix... And I have similar baskets from Ikea, where I keep all our brushes... Will (copy) be inspired by this!
    MammaNene @

    1. Hello Irene, and thanks for your comment! Feel free to "copy"! This has been a perfect solution to a super messy basket.
      Have a great day!


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