Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cookie Cutter Christmas Tree Ornaments

Blingy Tree Ornaments From Cookie Cutters

Hi everybody! 

Got a weather report for you! Winter has hit Alberta with a vengeance. We made it to the 

top of the list for the Coldest Place in the World this Thursday, registering in at minus 40 degrees! Brrrrr! Here's a photo of our deck three days ago. 

Why yes, I certainly did shovel all that lovely snow!

Crazy! I'm soooo glad I put the outdoor lights up at the end of October!
But enough of that! Now on to the post!

I have a ton of sequins stashed away from when I sewed dance and skating costumes. Many treasures have been carted out the door in the interest of clutter-reduction over the years, but I just can't let go of the sparkly things!

So many different embellishments can be used to decorate these ornaments!
Craft pearls
Tiny buttons
Metallic glue gun sticks 
Old end to the options!
These items were used to make my Victorian Fan Decorations too. See those HERE.

Start by tracing your cookie cutter pattern onto manila file folders or other sturdy paper.  

The felt stocking piece can be used as your pattern for cutting the quilt batting.
You may find it stays in place a bit better than the paper for pinning and cutting 
the batting piece because it sticks to it.

Cut two from felt and one from batting, plus an eight inch piece of cord, ribbon,
or sequins for the hanger. You can cut a little trim piece for the stocking top if you wish.

Sandwich and pin the batting between the felt pieces. Insert the ends of the
cord between the layers at the top. Sew around the stocking 1/4"
from the edge. You could also zig zag or hand stitch.

Trim away the excess batting.

Run a bead of hot glue in the sewing ditch and set your sequins in it. 
Gluing in small sections makes this part easier (and avoids burns!).

Use a toothpick to help position them. 

Add some trim to the top. To prevent any stray strings or sequins 
from falling off just put a drop of glue on them. I actually save some of the sequins 
in a little plastic container to use them in other crafts. I added some to this stocking later.

Here are a few others. Aren't they cute? 
They really sparkle and shine when the tree is all lit up!

A few more pictures. My kids made the star and the 
green Christmas tree. You can see they really got into it! 
Those two ornaments are over twenty years old! 

I hope you get an opportunity to sit down 
and make some of these during this busy time of year!
Happy Crafting!



  1. These look like fun but I can't get over your temps! In Western Pa, USA, we have bitter cold sometimes, but nothing ( EVER ) like that. You have my sympathy!

    1. Thanks for visiting Deb!

      I do have fun making these little decorations. Gets me to slow down a bit!
      And yes we certainly do have some scary temps this time of year, but a cuppa hot chocolate fixes everything!

      Have a great day!


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