Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quick Fix For A Broken Zipper Slider

Fix A Broken Zipper Slider in Minutes

Hi Everyone,

I have a super-handy quick fix for you today. First I have to show you my pretty work coat. Jack loves to make a bed out of it, so it's usually littered with gray hairs, 
but that's OK because they match mine. 

I bought this coat at a work warehouse sale; 75% off (gotta love that!) the first winter we moved to our acreage, and it is my faithful friend in the extreme weather. I chop and carry firewood in it, shovel snow in it, and do all kinds of fun winter activities in it. 

Then THIS happened: 

Yes. The zipper pull broke off. Try to open and close a zipper with no handle. Grrr.

But I have these:

I keep them in this:

Whenever we throw out a key chain I take any rings off it and stash them 
in an old pill bottle. Remember, I do not get rid of anything if I feel it 
might be remotely useful in some way some day.

When the zipper broke I saved the tab.

Here's how to do it. Put the key ring through the opening like so:

Once it's on there, loop the tab through the key ring.

Good as new!

How easy was that?
Five minutes and my bargain coat is ready to go for another ten years!

Update: Until it splits open from the bottom. Quick Fix for that HERE

Happy Quick-Fixing, and have a great day!



  1. An easy fix. Great idea. I'm finding I save more and more things in case I can use them.


    1. Thanks for your comment Kate! I'm getting quite a collection of tiny containers filled with interesting "stuff"!

  2. Val, this is a great way to save an outfit! There's nothing worse than a broken zipper! Love your kitty! I have 4 so I knew all about "wearing" cat fur! I don't know if you saw them on my webpage, but it is always a thrill to meet another cat lover! As you could tell we love sewing and would love for you to link this great idea up at the blog party! You can find it here at this link. See you there! :)


    1. Hi Marti,
      Thanks for your comment and invitation. I linked up and saw the photos of your kitty family. So cute!
      Have a great day,

    2. Val, thanks so much for sharing this! I'm pinning to the craft room board and party board! :)



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