Monday, January 20, 2014

Handy Notepad From Scrap Paper

Hi All,

I'm very excited today, because we have had above zero weather for two weeks now, and ONLY have four months of winter left! It has been crazy cold here this year, minus 25 to minus 40. Yikes! I'm itching to be outdoors building something, anything! Soon, soon... 

Anyway, I was searching for a piece of paper last night to jot down a phone number, 

and wondering to myself why it is that there are scraps everywhere until we need one. I think that's one of Murphy's Laws. But frustration is the mother of invention (or something like that), and I had an idea. I gathered up all of my paper from the recycling box, sifted out the sensitive information for the shredder, and came up with a pretty good stack of scrap paper. I found an old carbiner in my collection of items that I never throw away, and brought out my hole punch from the office.

Tore the sheets into quarters,

Punched a hole in the corner,

Popped the carbiner through the holes,

And hung it up on the key hooks in the kitchen.
Just yank a sheet off as you need one.
Quick, Easy, and Cheap.

If you don't have a carbiner in your collection of 
things you never throw away, a zip tie works, too.

Now, when I need a scrap of paper I know exactly where it is. 
One of these would be handy in the garage (writing down quick measurements) 
Or in the car (writing down things you forgot to write down before you go shopping!)

I love that this took nothing but scraps to make; my favorite kind of project!

Hope you have a great day,


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  1. Such a great idea Val, I could use one of these hanging in my kitchen. I am always scrambling to find something to write on! I remember years ago my mom making stacks of recycled paper and then gluing one edge so you could rip them off like a note pad!

  2. Hi Mindi,

    Thank you for your comments! You are always so nice!



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