Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Create Your Own Art: Birch Trees

Birch Tree Art

Hi Everyone,  

When I worked in the elementary art class room we had so much fun!  
The best part was watching the students jump right in and get started!   

One of the most popular projects was  "Masking Tape Birch Trees".  In this tutorial 
I'll share with you my take on this fun and easy way to create your own
unique birch tree art. You can do it!

Here are a couple of finished pieces done
by people with little to no painting experience. 

Never painted before:

(my eldest son's girlfriend did this one!)

Had not painted for 14 years, and never trees:

(my sister did this one!)

Now that I've bragged up their work, let's get started!  
You can use a stretched canvas (Dollar Store) or watercolor paper that has been primed
with either gesso or white acrylic paint. Work right on the table and use a drop sheet to
protect the surface.  Color choice is a personal preference.  I like to use red, yellow
and blue, plus black and white for the trees.

Here's what you will need: 
Water container
Paper towels
Palette (Plastic lids work great)
Large Plastic Garbage Bag or a Drop Sheet to protect your table
Brushes: 1/2"-3/4" flat and a size 2 round brush for details
Masking tape
Watercolor Paper or a Canvas
Your choice of colors in Acrylic Paint.

Tip: Keep your brushes and paints wet. Colors will go on much better!

  Tape strips of masking tape to your canvas or paper like so. 
Run your finger along the edges of the tape to 
reduce paint leaking under it. 

I saved the tape strips and used them to mask off the canvas. 
Kind of looks cool just like this!

In this step you will be creating your background.  
Put dabs of color right on the painting with your bigger brush.
Make sure not to over-mix or the painting will take on a muddy appearance.
You want to keep the colors nice and clear. The brighter the better! 
Cover the whole surface!

This is my favorite step. Pulling off the tape!
 The trees really stand out!

If you want to clean your tree edges up, use your
bigger brush to paint them white.
With your small round brush, add the little black lines on the trunks.

And you are finished!

Remember to sign your work!

I'd love to hear from you if you try this tutorial, and feel free to ask questions!

Have a great day, and Happy Painting!


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