Thursday, November 28, 2013

Victorian Fan Christmas Ornaments


I used to love crafting with my kids! Of course they moved out long ago,
but every time Christmas rolls around I get the itch to craft.
And since I now have a blog I thought I would share some of the pretties we used to make together. So I started a Crafts Page. Some of these you may have made before, but hopefully not all. It's fun to find a new craft to create, especially one that uses

Victorian Fans
 What you will need: 

A Glue gun, White glue, Clothes Pins, Utility Knife or Scissors, Pencil,
Ruler, Cutting Mat, Wallpaper Border or Scrap Wallpaper


Craft Mirrors
Blingy Craft Paint
Shiny buttons
Metallic glue gun sticks 
Old Jewellery 
Whatever you can dig up!

Tip: To keep the wallpaper from curling up while you are working with it, roll it up
inside out and leave it for a while with a rubber band around it.
You do save those rubber bands from the broccoli don't you?
Cut a piece of wallpaper 11" long with your utility knife or scissors. 
Fold it in half lengthwise, and cut along the fold line. I usually make mine
3 1/2" - 4 1/2" wide. So you'll have two pieces, each one 11" L x about 3 1/2" W.
 Fold your piece of wallpaper at about 1/2" intervals to make a fan. There might be
an uneven spot at the end, but nobody will notice because
they'll be so mesmerized by the bling!
Drizzle a thin line of glue along both sides, just at one end.
 Pleat the folds at the other end and then press the glued edges together.
If any glue oozes out the edges, just wipe it off. 
 Clamp the glued edge with your clothes pin. Set your fan aside while you 
are making the next one. You are now starting an assembly line!
Here are my fans waiting to get dressed up!
See? Assembly Line!
Now you can lose a whole afternoon get really creative! I squirt a blob of hot glue
wherever I'd like to put the embellishment, and hold it in place with a toothpick
or the point of my pencil until it sets. A few blisters taught me that little tip!
Here's a way to make a tassel with embroidery floss. Tie it off in two places about three quarters of an inch apart and snip in between them.
Carefully cut the loops at the bottom of each one.
 Voila! You have tassels!
I put a bit of hot glue on the tied ends to prevent it coming apart
and pulled the purple bit through a jewellery cup to hide it.
Later I strung some pearls onto it.
You'll see it in the finished pictures below.
  You can make several and use them as a decorating theme for
your tree or use them as pretty gift toppers!

This fan is from a section of paper with no border.
So I just added a thin line of silver paint to give it a finished edge.


Everything these fans were made with was from my old stash of crafty things.
Didn't cost me a dime!
Ka-Bling! Ka-Bling!

Have fun crafting!


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