Friday, November 1, 2013

Blue Jeans Apron

Make Your Old Jeans Into A Handy Apron

I saw the best use for an old pair of jeans the other day while visiting This Old House. They cut the seat out of the jeans but left the waistband on and used them for a shop apron.  It just buttons in the back. Pretty easy!

 My new apron could use a bit of girl-i-fy-ing don't you think?  

 I dug deep into my bag of trim scraps, and found this leftover piece from when we used to add trim to the bottoms of our blue jeans (back in the day). The pockets were a bit too deep so I marked them with tailor's wax and stitched a line along that mark.

I sewed the trim along the bottom of the apron, stitching along both edges of it.

 Then cut a little piece out for a pencil pocket, 
pressed the edges under and sewed it on the apron.

I added some purple trim. 

Then the white along the pockets where I marked them previously, and last, tacked one of the belt loops on sideways to create a loop for hanging my reading glasses on. I paint the frames with bright pink nail polish to help keep me from losing them. 
(Mr. M. thinks that's funny)

Pencil pocket:

Here's my new shop apron all trimmed up.
Got my pencil, screws, glasses, all ready to go build something.
I'm pretty sure that empty pocket needs a chocolate bar in it.

Now when I go out to work on our garage storage shelves I'll have a place 
to keep everything. No more extra trips up and down the ladder!  

Have a great day!
Happy Sewing!


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