Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sand For A Better Finish

Sanding Between Coats

Hi Everyone,

I just want to share a little tip with you today. 
Sometimes when I'm painting my projects, the finish

has lots of really visible brush strokes, or just doesn't turn out quite the way I like. 
Usually I don't mind this but for my Bathroom Wall Storage builds,
I wanted to try and get an ultra smooth look. I read about sanding between
coats when priming and painting and thought I'd give it a try. 
So I did up a couple samples, and there was a noticeable improvement.

Here's before sanding:

and after:

It's pretty easy to spot the rough grainy-looking one!  I used my Ryobi
Corner Cat (one of my favorite tools), with 120 grit for sanding the primer,
and 220 grit before the final coat of paint. 

This is my "dusting tool", an inexpensive 4" staining brush.
I cut the handle off with a hand saw, to keep it from hitting the
other inside surfaces of my project while brushing off the sanding dust. I have
done the same thing with a couple of my angled paint brushes too.  Makes
it much easier to get at smaller areas, like the inside of a cubby. 


 I checked for roughness on the finish by running my hand over the surface
now and then (your hand can feel what your eyes might miss).  
I brushed, vacuumed, and then wiped the surface with a slightly
damp rag before applying the next coat.

The sanding only took a few minutes and the finish
looked so much smoother!  Whether you're using a brush or roller the finish
will come out really smooth.  Why not give it a try, and see what you think?
Hope this helps with your next project!
Have a Great Day and
Happy Building!

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