Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Artsy Christmas Canvas

Hi Everybody,

This is my craft basket.  
Does anyone remember a weekly show named Aleene's Crafts? 
If you do you're probably as old as I am! 

This basket was in the ads during every commercial break. 
They finally wore me down and I had to buy it.
In this craft basket I found my very, very old bottle of
silver sprinkles for the project I have to show you today.

It falls somewhere between Artsy and Craftsy, and was a raffle prize I donated
to our local art society.  The inspiration for this project came from Lindsay at artsyfartsymama.  This lady has some great tutorials! 
I used various colors of craft paint I had on hand, some green for the
background and some silver as a base for the sprinkles.

I primed a thrift store canvas with gesso.
Then painted it green. It's actually called Pine Needle! Perfect name for
a Christmas project.  I cut the letters out on heavy paper
and arranged them on the canvas.

Then traced around them with a pencil.
I painted them one at a time to keep them from drying
out before I could shake the silver onto them.
Shook the silver sprinkles on, let it sit for about half an hour and
then stood the canvas up and gently tapped it against the counter top.
I drew these little holly leaves on some heavy paper,cut them out and
traced them onto the canvas as well.
I painted them a much darker blue-green so they would stand out,
and highlighted them with some lighter colors.
Painted the holly berries, and called it done. 
 I really like how it turned out!
I haven't made anything crafty for years, but this was fun, and I'm
going to make one to hang on my wall at Christmas.
I'm so glad I didn't get rid of my craft basket!
Hope you try this quick and easy Christmas art!
Have a great day,
and Happy Artsy-Crafting!

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