Saturday, October 5, 2013

Build A Flip Top Bench

Hi Everyone,

  I love a project that looks good, goes together quickly, and solves a storage issue. 
 My son and daughter-in-law have moved in to an older home, and we needed to pull a 
few organizational pieces together as temporary measures. They will be doing major 
renos next year, so it has to be something we can move out of the way and use 
later in another area. This bench is one. It can be used to store anything from 
mittens to magazines, and be used as an entry bench or a coffee table.

You can find the plans and tutorial for the Flip Top Bench over at Ana White.
Here is the entry alcove at the kids' house. The bench tucks in right under the 
coats. I just had to tweak the plans a bit to make it fit in the narrow space.

There's a compartment under the lid for storage, and room 
underneath for baskets, crates, or tons of shoes!   

These are the butterfly hinges I chose.  
  Below are some pictures of the bench before finishing.  I probably should
have practiced a bit with the nailer first, because I ended up doing a lot of
patching where the nails fired out the sides of the legs.

 Those are my plans sitting on the workbench. 
I print them out and take them with me to the garage.

To finish the bench I sanded out all the boo-boos, put on a coat of CIL 
Anywhere primer, and one coat of CIL Trim and Door paint to top it off.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

 All I needed to put the bench together was glue and the nail gun. 
My new favorite tool. Or it will be, as soon as I get better at using it!

Have a great day, and Happy Building everyone!


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