Monday, March 9, 2015

Instant End Table Repurpose

How A Little Old End Table Solved A Storage Problem

Ever have one of those moments when a solution to a little problem comes to you out of nowhere? I had one yesterday. I love when that happens, don't you? I am a very easily distracted person, so I'd better tell you how this idea came to me before I get distracted. Again. ;)

I had just started cooking supper when I glanced across the room and spied one of my canvasses leaning against the wall. I had brought it upstairs to take a picture of it, and it had to be put away at that instant. So I turned the burners off and headed downstairs with it, intending to put it in my sewing room (that's where I paint all winter) and go right back upstairs to cook supper.

Then, I went to take a work in progress off the wall and set it on the worktable, and the wire on the back yanked the hook out. Not the first time this has happened. So I tried to push a Gorilla Hook into the wall, but it wouldn't go because the foundation was made with styrofoam and concrete blocks. So... I went to the garage, grabbed a handful of finish nails, put them in my pocket, and turned around to take them into the house.
And this was staring at me. 

I tried hard to win the staredown, but lost. I just couldn't walk past it.  
So I hauled it across the yard to the trailer(which is where it should have been put already), carried it in, and saw that my canvasses were leaning against the wall exactly where I planned to set it. 

Then I spotted my garage sale end table, complete with stamped Ivy. Paid $4 for it. Anyway, it basically holds my coffee and a jug of water for painting. Now here's when the aha! moment happened.

I just flipped the table upside down and set all the canvasses in it. I even had room for a few more. I used a 12x36 one to keep them from tilting forward onto the table legs.

It's so great to have my canvasses organized and off the floor.
And my shelf is ready to hold all my pots of paint when I set up my summer studio! A table like this would make a great place to store my smaller pieces of plywood, too. What would you use an old end table for? (I mean besides an end table) Let me know in the comments!

Hope you have a great day,



  1. Val you sound so much like me. I'm constantly get started on one thing and distracted by another and several hours later I remember what I started in the first place. LOL Your table is perfect for your art canvas - I must pass this tip onto an artist friend of mine who is struggling to organize her art canvas in a small space. Nice to see you posting!

    1. So good to know I'm not alone lol. Thanks for stopping by Marie!


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