Wednesday, September 30, 2015

How To Install A Snap Fastener So It Never Pops Off Again

Today I'm going to share my secret no-fail trick for putting a snap fastener on so that you don't have to do it again. 
Sound like a big claim? 
But it has worked for me ever since I figured it out. 

Here's my stash of snaps and grommets. When I sewed company 
jackets I purchased these things in hundred pack bags, 
so there's no shortage of leftover snaps around here. 
(Did you notice I slipped a couple of my paintings into
the background? I will post a tutorial for you next time).

Here is Mr. M.'s favorite work/fix-the-truck/chop wood/shovel snow hoodie.
He's very attached to it, so I must fix it for him.
Especially since I cannot part with my acreage parka that 
I have repaired several times, as in this post and this post.

Here's where the snap popped off.

And here are the tools I will use to fix it.
What the heck would a plastic lid or milk cap 
have to do with this quick fix?
You will soon see.

The first thing to do is cut a piece of plastic out, about 1"x1".
You can use any plastic flexible lid. 
I chose the milk cap for its extra strength.
Punch a small hole in the center using the tool that 
comes with the snap applicator kit. I just used my 
leather punch because it was handy. The important
thing is to make sure the hole is as small as the snap post.

I trimmed the piece so that it would
fit in between the stitch lines on the jacket front.
And rounded the end off a bit to make it easier
to insert it in between the layers of fabric.

It may take a little fiddling to get the plastic in there.
It helps to curl the piece slightly.Work it back and forth 
until the holes line up, and push the snap stem through it.

Like this.

Following the instructions in the snap kit, hammer the pieces together.
Can you see where the plastic is?
This is not coming apart, folks.

And here's Mr. M.'s hoodie, all fixed!
He'll be very happy now.

Have a great day, and happy quick-fixing!



  1. Hi Val, good to see you back in the blogosphere again! What a great tip - thank you for sharing it with us! Pinned to share and to refer back to when needed ☺

  2. Thanks Marie! My art has kept me very busy, but I managed to squeeze in a quick post. Have a great day!

  3. Val this is such a great tip! Hope things are going well for you! ;)

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