Saturday, March 29, 2014

Drop Cloth Decorative Cushion

Hi Everybody!

Mr. M. and I were taking what we like to call a Bumming Around Day a couple of weeks ago. That's where we head into Edmonton with no purpose except to spontaneously stop wherever we get the notion, maybe have a Tim's, you get the idea. 
We don't necessarily buy anything. We just hang out. 
Once in awhile we all need a day with no goals in mind, yes?

This time the car took us to Chapters...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Decoupaged File Box

Hey guys!

A while back I posted this tutorial for decoupage, and I am not sure what happened, but the post disappeared from my list in Blogger. I could have inadvertantly hit the delete button, who knows? Any way, I'm going to try re-posting it from memory. (We'll see how that goes!) This is my first attempt at decoupage, which I have always wanted to try. 
I guess it's not much different from collage, is it?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Treadmill Table

Hey Everybody,

Today I am sharing a little project that took half an hour to make. 
An accessory for my treadmill.

I have to confess I have been neglecting my fitness for most of the winter. 
Okay, for all of it, but I decided this morning to get 
on the treadmill for thirty minutes a day. 
So I dusted it off and jumped on. 
It really was quite dusty.
But first I built the table. 

I like to have everything at my fingertips when I walk, so I need more than 
just the water bottle holder. I need a place for all my other paraphenalia, 
like the remote, a snack, music, and earbuds. 

This is what I made. In thirty minutes.

A custom table for the treadmill.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Eight Dollar Ottoman

Hi Everyone, 

Mr. M. and I love to sit down and watch a little TV in the evening with our pets, 
a cup of coffee, and some Dad's cookies (our favorites, next to home-made). 
The only thing missing was an ottoman; one of the handiest pieces of furniture 
a person can own, wouldn't you agree? I put one together before I started blogging
and thought since I'm making another one, I would share how I did it.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Quick Fix: Make a Loop to Hang Up Your Hair Tools

Hi Everybody,

Today I have another quick fix to share with you. 

My hair dryer has a handy loop on it so that I can hang it up and keep it 
off the vanity counter while I am putting on my face in the morning.

This is where I keep my face. 
(Shhh, don't tell anyone).

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Undo a Chain Stitch Quickly

Hi Everybody!

Today I have for you a super quick and easy tutorial on how to undo a chain stitch. 
You can see this stitch everywhere, from blue jeans to exercise wear, t-shirt necklines, 
you name it. It is a popular stitch in the garment industry, and can it ever be annoying 
when it decides to unravel on you. I have a technique that shows you how to take advantage of this when you want to undo a seam. 

I bought myself a drop cloth so that I could make some drapes and throw cushions.
I just love the oatmeal color and the texture of a drop cloth.
 This thing has a seam from top to bottom that I need to pick out. 
That's a twelve foot long seam. Whew!

So here is my technique to get around undoing this seam the slow way... 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yoga Pants Fix

Hey Everybody!

Do you love your yoga pants as much as I do mine? I have several pairs that I bought from Costco. I wear them around the house a lot. They are just so comfortable. But once in awhile when I buy a pair the fit at the waist isn't quite right, or maybe it's just that the fabric is a bit too stretchy. But they slip. Not a lot. 

Just enough to drive me nuts be slightly annoying.
But I have a fix for that.

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